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Can resin flooring also be used for recreational watercraft?

Firstly, the recreational boating sector, or rather the one related to vessels used for recreational and sporting purposes and not for commercial aim, includes boats with hulls that are shorter than those of cruise ships or military vessels. For this reason, the type of processing to be carried out in order to manufacture the resin flooring, is different.

Resin flooring can certainly be used on recreational watercrafts, but, due to their fluidity characteristics, on smaller boats it is normally recommended to install prefabricated resin panels with a decorative covering (e.g. for a teak effect), which can be glued directly onto the boat's deck.

Instead of pouring directly on board, as is the case with larger vessels, the installation of prefabricated panels is necessary due to the slopes, the high degree of customization, the repetitions for the same boat model and the particular shapes and sizes of the resin "inserts".

As opposed to pouring the resin directly on board, the use of prefabricated resin panels does not represent any difference in terms of performance and durability, although it is always necessary to make sure that the installation work is carried out according to the standards of good engineering practice.

The Api prefabricated resin panels utilized on recreational watercraft are generally made with our FLEXIGEL® DECORO, a product which guarantees exceptional performance with an extraordinary aesthetic appeal.

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