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What types of certificates are required for resin flooring for Marine use?

When resin flooring should be realized for the marine sector, it is necessary to scrupulously comply with specific standards and certifications. The certificates of reference are those issued by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), an independent United Nations Convention responsible for the safety of navigation.

Most of Api’s underlays, top coats and finishing have been granted IMO MED certificates.

The MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificates, which can be recognized by the distinctive “ship's wheel” symbol, are aimed at regulating and approving the underlays materials and coatings with regard to their limited flame propagation and low optical density and fume toxicity.

With regard to their capacity to limit flame propagation, Api subjects its products to the FTPC (Fire Testing Procedures Code) procedures, which are carried out according to the IMO MSC 61 (67) resolution. This type of test involves the calculation of the flame propagation speed along the surface of the material, and the detection of the amount of heat emitted.

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