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What type of resin do you recommend for high traffic areas?

It is first necessary to study the characteristics of the traffic, or rather the properties of the vehicles themselves, the pathways, the hardness of the wheels, the pressure and their movements and accelerations. Once these data have been determined, the right solution can be proposed.

In the industrial sector, Api Spa resins create a seamless planar surface and are therefore ideal for load handling environments. Thanks to the various colours of the resin and the final effect obtained from either the application method or the material itself, sophisticated solutions can be created for the civil and commercial sectors, which are ideal for floors in offices, showrooms and even private homes.

Api Spa offers screed and/or multilayer products for the building sector. This is the case of APIMAXXI®, a continuous, pigmented, high-thickness resin flooring product for industrial environments subjected to heavy traffic (forklifts and trolleys of any type). Consisting of a screed made of solvent-free epoxy resin and quartz minerals with a high degree of hardness, this system is capable of restoring the flatness of old concrete or tile floors, while at the same time rendering them waterproof and easy to clean.

In the nautical sector, Api offers epoxy-based systems like FLEXISECURIT® ER, a true safety guarantee that has been installed on more than 300 newly built cruise ships, work ships, and military vessels.

This coating is used for indoor areas and all types of work areas requiring flooring solutions with high levels of hygiene, durability, smoothness, resilience and resistance to wear and tear.

Made with the non-slip properties required and in various finishes depending on the desired effect, the FLEXISECURIT® ER product is part of Api's new concept dedicated to kitchen flooring solutions, and can be used in various areas, including canteens and kitchens, on board repair shops, food stores, warehouses, launderettes, hallways, and any other location where specific acoustic and technical flooring properties may be required.

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