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Custom design flooring case history: DOREMI Theatre floor MSC Seaside

Following the new trend of the market and the requirement of designers, API has developped an important know-how and skilled teams able to create custom design floorings with elaborated pattern or drawing using our Flexigel Decoro and Flexigel Decoro soft high performance resin.
The MSC Seaside shows an extensive application of these possibilities in the internal and external areas dedicated to the children.

The creation of this kind of floor can happen thanks to an extensive cooperation between API, the ship builder and the designer. Here below it is described the creation of the DOREMI Theatre floor.

Concept and design phase
The process starts with a first concept that shows the general vision of the design: a grey background with several hexagons of different colors.
Along the process, some changes are made in order to ensure the best tradeoff between concept and efficiency; the evolution of the design, maintains the guideline of hexagons and modifies the distribution and the dimension.
Using the custom made resin samples supplied by API, the designer selects the final colors of the Flexigel Decoro Soft resin and refines the drawing of the area to its final version.

Doremi theatre MSC Seaside 5 kids area resin flooring

Realization and final aspect
The first steps is preparing and levelling the floor with API’s elastic crack resistant polyurethane underlay FLEXIGEL ALLEGERITO SOTTOFONDO, this will ensure resilience and water tightness, protecting the steel hull from water and pollutants. Once the underlay is ready, the poring of the top coat starts, custom made according to designer drawing.

Doremi theatre MSC Seaside 1 kids area resin flooring

The final treatment of the hard surface and a deep cleaning prepare the floor for the sealing layer, in this case the Flexilit Decoro trasparente SN, a transparent antiskid paint easy to clean (the kids area required high hygiene protocols).

Doremi theatre MSC Seaside 2 kids area resin flooring

The floor is ready for the furniture and a never ending play time.

Doremi theatre MSC Seaside 7 kids area resin flooring

Eng. Pietro Scartezzini
Technical Director

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