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About Us

API is among the leader companies in designing, producing and applying synthetic resin floorings, both for naval and industrial market.

For over sixty years we work in the global market ensuring a wide range of products. Depending on the market we propose adaptable solutions, covering cruise and luxury yachting, shipping services and military navies, industrial and commercial building.

We Have a Long and Successful History

Today API boasts a solid world-wide reputation in resin flooring making: since 2011 is part of RPM International Inc., stand for technical and industrial globally expertise.  
Over the years, we set up close ties with numerous international brands, spreading resin culture and Made in Italy modus operandi all over the world.   
The quality of the resins is essential to us. Thanks to an accurate R&D, we shape original floorings, aesthetically high-valuable and environment-friendly.

Sixty years of success and growth


API is founded in Genoa

API revolutionizes the sealant market with innovative products


Building division birth

Our naval technology is applied upon industrial coatings


API arises on international market

API USA Inc. is founded in Miami Gardens (FL) 


API becomes part of RPM International Inc.

RPM is one of the world manufacturing leaders in coatings making, with a $5,3 billion annual turnover. 


API keeps on growing

The partnership with Stonhard begins, a US historic company, leader in the production and application of high-performance resin systems.

    Our expertise

    API employs advanced technology to design and produce hundreds of resin formulas, suitable for the widest range of protective coverings. All our products are developed in our R&S labs, in the bid to meet our customers needs with the utmost precision.  
    The absolute quality of API resins is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We grant costant checks through rigorous controls of design, supply, production, storage and logistics process, as well as post-sale customer care services.  

    How we work

    Tailor-made solutions

    Surveys: Any project we are about to realize is advanced by careful inspections, which verifies the conditions and the technical characteristics of the substrates 
    The preliminary analysis is the essential requirement we need to assess the suitability of any surface, ensuring the best outcome of the work. Our technical engineers evaluate carefully the enviromental conditions of the application area and learn the required informations to find out the best suited resin system.  
    We complement the final offer joined by a detailed technical report, which starts from the state-of-affairs analysis and pass through a submission of the precise solution, before finishing with an intervention proposal and a cost analysis.  

    Analysis and consultancy: Besides relying on internal resources, API disposes of a global network of qualified professionals, who work closely with the applicators during the project realization.  
    Our costant innovation and meticulous scientific research has brought us to the development of unprecedented resin formulas, endowed of one-of-a-kind chemical and phisical properties.  

    Manufacturers & applicators: our workhorse

    In our manufacturing plants we formulate and produce resin systems capable of troubleshooting all the naval and industrial coatings needs. We find out the best solutions applying the best raw materials in the business.  
    A correct substrate preparation is the key to guarantee the perfect grip of the resin coating. All the data we gather in loco during the inspections will serve us to define the most suitable preparation of the existing substrate.  
    During the application phase, it will be our concern to verify that the process fulfills our quality standards, thus assuring a whole service “manufacturer & applicator”.  
    The staff employed is constantly updated to the correct usage of our products. We use to invest on an ongoing training in order to obtain the highest quality for trims and details. Our 60-years-old know-how reflects on a perfect care of works execution: any detail makes the difference to us!  

    Let’s keep in touch

    Want to learn more? Reach us out, we are looking forward to making your project real! 


    Via Trieste 13 16018 Mignanego (GE), Italia


    Tel +39 010 7720751
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    API spa - c.f./p.i. vat IT00251170106
    registered office: 20121 Milano (MI) l.go Donegani, 2 - Italy
    sales office: 16018 Mignanego (GE), via Trieste, 13 - Italy

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