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Industrial system

The substrate preparation

A proper substrate preparation is the essential key point to secure the grip of the resin covering.  
The technical data we gather during the inspections are studied and carefully processed in order to identify the most suitable preparation of the existing surface, therefore assessing the best resin system to apply.  
All our machinery are electrically powered so as to avoid harmful exhalations. They are able to recover efficiently and autonomously any processing dust or residual which are produced during the application phase.  

The application of the systems

The staff we deploy in the building yards are constantly briefed and trained for a proper use of the products and equipments, as a guarantee for API high quality standards.  
API invests in a continuous training as a matter of priority. Our training activity is the backbone which allow us to get an excellent quality in executing details and finishes.   
The final result is a well-knit, well-trained and synchronized working group, capable of carrying out perfect resin floorings within limited lead times.  

Details make the difference

Our 60-years-old expertise in the resin floorings business has led us to solve the most disparate situations.  
The know-how we gained totally reflects in a special accuracy on applying any kind of floor system, where even the smallest detail can make the difference when the job is done.  
We take care of details because we believe in the absolute value of aesthetics and design: an outstanding flooring must be realized as a tailor-made artwork for the application environment.   

For your safety

The signage plays an essential role for any industrial workplace in order to reduce injuries. Sign stripes and coloured pictograms simplify the identification of evacuation routes in case of danger.  
Custom-made in wide range of colours, our flooring systems enable an optimal identification of working areas inside any industrial plant.  
Why resin? Resin is a very effective protective material to rely on. Through a wise and detailed application process, our special epoxy and polyurethane resins became part and parcel of the refined floor, mitigating almost entirely cleaning and maintenance costs and making the surroundings safer and more reliable. 

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