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Naval system

Thanks to our long-standing know-how, we are able to flexibly suit various application cycles, devising a wide range of flooring systems for yachts, superyachts, cruises, ferries and military vessels.

We have a specific solution for any onboard area needed to be covered, in the bid to give the floor the defined features during design phases.

Balconies & Terraces

Polyurethane-based resin floorings for modular and structural balconies on cruise and ferry ships.

High resistance to heat, weathering and other surface stress, antiskid properties, easy cleaning and maintenance, totally waterproof surface.

Heated, soundproofing and low-heat absorption flooring versions also available, wide chromatic range and complete customization possibilities.  

Weather decks

Polyurethane-based protective resin floorings for open decks, such as bow, aft, midship decks and sundecks.

Excellent resistance to heat, weathering and structural stress, antiskid properties, easy cleaning and maintenance, totally waterproof surface.

Heated, soundproofing and low-heat absorption flooring versions also available. Complete customization option, wide chromatic range and diverse special surface effects with excellent aesthetic performances.  

Decorative floorings

Polyurethane-based resin floorings through application of flexible decorative top coats for interiors and open decks.

Custom-made finishes by colours, shapes and surface textures (glitter, granules, chromatic nuances), totally waterproof, antiskid properties and other special technical characteristic also available, such as heated or low-heat absorption resin systems.

Ideal for accurate application of logos and custom illustrations.  

Interiors Floorings

Polyurethane or epoxy resin floorings for cruise, yacht and ferry interiors.

Three application systems to choose depending on areas or other environmental needs: variable thickness floors with excellent technical performances, long-lasting and stress resistance guarantee.

Technical and highly soundproofing underlays, custom-made top coats with wide aesthetic and chromatic ranges. Continuous and jointless surfaces, easy cleaning and maintenance.   

Soundproof systems

Polyurethane or epoxy resin floorings with excellent soundproofing properties.

Hard or higly flexible underlays available for sound damping and acoustic isolation, diverse thickness ranges and reliable technical characteristics.

Totally suitable for any decorative and protective finishing, for a granted dampening effect in any area of the ship, including vertical walls.  

Wet Decks

Polyurethane resin floorings for wet areas, such as pools, tender garages, aft sundecks, shower zones, water outflow areas (also with gratings).

Totally waterproof surfaces throughout the thickness for no infiltration risk on the lower layers. Easy cleaning and maintenance, antiskid properties for safe walkability.

Highly water-resistant protective top coats, wide chromatic and aesthetic solutions at choice.  

Heavy-duty Areas

Epoxy-based resin floorings for heavy-duty technical areas, such as galleys, restaurant, laundries, garages, onboard workshops, pantries, storerooms, crew areas and many other.

High thickness covering, excellent resistance to mechanical stress and shocks, even for work vehicles transit. Certified high technical performances, HACCP also certified.

Continuous and jointless surface, hermetically waterproof, antiskid properties, easy cleaning a reduces maintenance costs. Wide aesthetic and chromatic range.  

Pools & Sport Pads

Polyurethane-based resin floorings for pools, wellness and sport areas.

Totally waterproof surface, certified antiskid properties, long-lasting and highly resistant to structural stress and shocks. Soundproofing underlays for the noisiest sport areas also available.

Wide range of custom-made top coats, with diverse chromatic and aesthetic effects, suitable for shapes and illustrations reproduction.  


Polyurethane and epoxy resin floorings for flight decks and helidecks. Two application cycles to choose, excellent surface resistance to stress and shocks.

Totally waterproof system, antiskid properties, easy cleaning and maintenance. Wide range of custom-made decorative finishings, with diverse aesthetic shapes and colours.  

Special floorings for emergency areas and cold climates

Heated resin systems for excellent deck coverings heating and de-icing, both for outdoor and indoor areas.

Fully laboratory tested system, easy on-site application or tailor-made design of modular prefabs.  
Great heat distribution over the entire floor thickness and surface.

Directly managing through the ship operational control interface. Heat power can be separately regulated for each applied module.  
Suitable for any underlay or top coat, regardless of its epoxy or polyurethane nature.  

Navy special coverings

Special resin coverings for military vessels and ships open decks and heavy-duty interior areas, such as gundecks, flight decks, upper decks, crew areas, stairways, galleys, warehouses, garage and many other onboard working zones.

Wide range of approved epoxy-based materials and concrete resins formulas available, certified to current safety regulations at armed forces. High thickness systems with exceptional thermal and mechanical stress resistance, continuous and jointless surfaces, totally waterproof and easy-to-clean floors, low maintenance needs.

Custom-made finishings in different shapes, colours, illustrations and many other aesthetic effects.   

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