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Innovative resin floorings for architects and designers

Our resin floorings for architects and designers are tailored to leave a permanent mark on interiors and outdoors designs. Thanks to our technical expertise, we are able to shape innovative artistic styles, where art and science blend together to create unique masterpieces.

We work with architects, designer and draftsmen to design genuine artistic nuances. API resin decorative floors have been choosen world-wide by prestigious luxury brands: we turned hotels, offices, apartments, large villas and showrooms into next-generation artworks, because we know thtat amazing designs can really make the difference in successful interior.

API design: innovative resin floorings for interiors and outdoors designs

We can reproduce with pinpoint accuracy any shape or artistic depiction, giving absolute priority to details and choosing the best resin materials for state-of-the-art finishings. The wide range of our decorative patterns and the large customization choice guarantee an high-quality protective covering, based on epoxy or polyurethane resins, capable of keeping efficiently its own technical properties.

Our intensive R&D activities allow us to closely reproduce effects and features of numerous natural materials, such as wood or marble. API innovative resin floorings for interiors and outdoors designs are available both for floors and for vertical walls, with antiskid, light-reflecting, thermo-regulating, heat-absorbing, soundproofing and high-resistance properties.

The result is an high-quality environment, at a smart price and with a valuable aesthetic impact, able to make a real difference once the work is finally over. When each delivery occurs, we put at your disposal all our expertise in the bid to offer additional inspections and advisory services for any further need.

Choose your custom-made design

You are passionate about design and want to custom your interiors? Artwalk is the decorative project custom-made for you! Acqua, Materia grezza and Cemento liquido are some of the many styling lines we have developed to reproduce elegant, bright, woody and marble-like shapes.

Artwalk styles are under a continuous evolution, with a wide colour palette ranging from snow grey to pearl beige and flexible, resilient, easy-to-adapt resin materials.

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