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What type of resin flooring do I need to choose for industrial use?

In the industrial building sector, there are many different functional requirements depending on the type of industry and the use that is made of the flooring. Is often the case that within the same building should be installed resin floors with different characteristics depending on the uses of the various environments: production, storage, offices, laboratories, etc.

A careful assessment of the specific requirements of the resin application’s area is always performed on a case-to-case basis, taking care to design a flooring solution that will become an integral part of the company's production process and that will follow its future developments.

Api Spa provides diversified solutions that can be customized for use in workshops, laboratories, staff areas (offices, canteens, changing rooms), logistics areas, and warehouses, with resin flooring solutions that guarantee exceptional performance.

In particular, the Api Spa laboratories have formulated synthetic resins with specific technical characteristics designed to provide our customers with the best solutions and the security of products certified with the CE marking.

APICRETE®, for example, is a self-levelling flooring solution designed for the agri-food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Consisting of a mixture of two-component polyurethane resins and a hydraulic cement binder, it is designed for surfaces that require high levels of chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance. Realizable within an extremely short period of time, it can be applied without demolitions and does not generate any unpleasant smells. In addition, being bacteriostatic, non-toxic and extremely durable, APICRETE® guarantees continuous and seamless results.

For industrial environments subject to heavy traffic, our ideal product is APIMAXXI®, a continuous pigmented and thickness-gauged resin flooring product available in a wide range of colours. Consisting of a screed made of solvent-free epoxy resin and quartz minerals with a high degree of hardness, it restores the flatness of old concrete or tile floors, while at the same time rendering them waterproof, non-slip and easy to clean.

Applicable within an short period of time, generally 4 to 5 days, without any demolition work, it is resistant to impact and wear and is even capable of sustaining the transit of any type of forklifts and trolleys.

In accordance with its own philosophy, Api Spa offers various products able to meet a wide range of requirements, because we offer a solution for every need.

When it comes to treat concrete surfaces subject to light traffic, the ideal solution is a topcoat like APITOP®: a thin film made up of water-based epoxy resins that can be finished with a polyurethane product (FLEXILIT), which is also suitable for outdoor use. APITOP® is capable of withstanding the transit of both vehicles and pedestrians and prevents the dispersal of dust and the absorption of liquids, thus making the surfaces easy to clean. Even applicable to walls, the product offers good resistance to the aggressive action of external agents, therefore allowing the glossy finish to be maintained over the years.

When we consider environments subjected to trolleys and forklift heavy traffic, it is recommended to choose APIMULTIFLOOR®, a continuous, pigmented resin flooring product of medium thickness (a few millimetres).

APIMULTIFLOOR® is a multilayer system made up of solvent-free epoxy resins and quartz minerals with a high degree of hardness that restores and renews old concrete and tile floors without demolition works, by making them waterproof, non-slip, easy to clean and resistant to impact and abrasion. The product range also includes APIMULTIFLOOR® ECO, a multi-layer, breathable, water-based product that's suitable for industrial environments where moisture is present within the support surface.

Whenever there is the need to treat surfaces subjected to moderate pedestrian and wheeled trolley’s traffic, Api offers its self-levelling APIFLOOR® product, which is typically applied with an average thickness of 2 mm. Consisting of a single layer of water-based epoxy resin with breathable properties, also available in an ECO version for wet foundations, the product is cast on site and properly applied. The matt finish gives the floor a nice natural look and makes the product suitable for coating the floors of cellars, play rooms, basements, shops and museums, also thanks to its fast application time (2 days).

All Api products are available in a wide range of colours in order to personalize the resin flooring as desired or delineate areas used for different purposes, with the aim of fully satisfying all of its customers requirements in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. All Api Spa products are also fully compliant with the current EC standards.

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