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epoxy screed

Suggested when:
  • The substrate is highly damaged
  • The floor must withstand very heavy loads
  • The covered area must bear intensive transit
  • The surface must restore the substrate flatness  
Technical characteristic
  • Excellent mechanical resistance (over 600kg/cm2)
  • Restore and preserve concrete and tile floors
  • Capable of withstanding any thermos-mechanical stress and shock
  • Capable of withstanding heavy vehicles transit (such as forklifts or pallet trucks)
  • Optimal chemical resistance
  • Available with different anti-skid degrees (R10÷R12, DIN 51130)
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Completely oil-tight
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Fire-proof (BLF-s1 class)
  • Suitable for food & beverage environments
  • Suitable for parietal covings
  • CE and IMO-MED certified
Technical data:
Chemical nature:

epoxy screed with quartz aggregates


from 6 to 10 mm

Surface density:

from 14.1 kg/m2 to 23.5 kg/m2

Compression resistance ASTM D695:

 >60 N/mm2

Flexural modulus: EN ISO 178:

5050 N/mm2

Concrete adhesion EN 1542/2000:

> 2 N/mm2

Abrasion resistance (Taber) ASTM D4060-1:

120 mg

Thermal expansion coefficient DIN 53752:

5x10-5 °C-1

Fire-proof class:


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