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Underlay | Flexiplast HW

Hybrid and self-leveling, Flexiplast HW is a water-based epoxy underlay with high specific weight, used for impact noise abatement.

Such underlay is mainly cement-based: it can be applied on steel, concrete, aluminum, epoxy or polyurethane resins, prior a correct surface preparation and the application of Flexiplast Primer.

Suitable for heavy-duty areas, especially the noisiest ones.   

Suggested when:
  • A soundproofing underlay is required for sound abatement 
  • The covered area is frequently subject to disturbing sound and noises 
  • The surface is frequently exposed to mechanical stress 
  • The floor must withstand stress ad shocks 
  • The underlay is required for interior working areas   
Technical characteristics:
  • Protective underlay with low specific weight 
  • Hybrid nature based on water epoxy resins 
  • Concrete resin composition 
  • IMO-MED certified 
  • High thickness 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Watertight layer
  • Suitable for epoxy or polyurethane resin top cooats for technical floors 
  • Excellent resistance to bendings and compressions 
  • Sound damping effect guarantee 
  • Excellent impact noise abatement
  • Curing time in 2-3 days (at 23°)
  • Specific weight 1.9 ± 0.1 kg/dm3
  • Long-lasting over time
  • Grey colour  

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  • HQ: Mignanego (GE), via Trieste, 13 - 16018 Italy
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