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Underlay | flexisecurit er-so

Flexisecurit er-so is a three-component, IMO-approved, epoxy flooring system derived from naval experience, with high resistance to mechanical stress.

It is mainly used in all indoor areas where the floor is subject to heavy-duty use. Nevertheless, being a marine underlay, it remains constantly flexible. It can be applied directly on steel after suitable floor preparation, also without primer.

A primer (Primer Polieto SP) is generally used whenever it is necessary to preserve the steel preparation. It is without doubt one of the best referenced epoxy underlays in the marine and naval industry. 

Suggested when:
  • A protective underlay in required for interior working areas 
  • The substrate must be protected by corrosion 
  • The covered area is frequently exposed to mechanical stress 
  • The floor needs a waterproof layer 
  • The floor must withstand stress and shocks 
  • The underlay is required for galleys, pantries, warehouses and crew areas  
Technical characteristics:
  • Protective underlay with high specific weight 
  • Bicomponent composition based on epoxy resin with quartz inerts 
  • IMO-MED certified 
  • Medium thickness 
  • Non-flammable
  • Waterproof layer 
  • Suitable for epoxy top coats for technical floors 
  • Excellent resistance to bendings ad compressions 
  • Curing time in 24-48 hours (at 23°)
  • Specific weight 2.1 ± 0.05 kg/dm3
  • Long-lasting over time 
  • Available in wide range of colours

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