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Underlay | Heated screed

Successfully tested in climatic chamber, API heated floors are one of our most effective technical products. Once up and running, the system ensure even heating over the entire floor surface and thickness, in order to heat up fast the temperature and obtain a quick ice melting.

Heated systems can be appied directly on-site or installed aboard through modular prefabs. Suitable for any underlay, protective layer or decorative top coat. Suitable for open decks and interior areas in very cold places, such as offshore platforms and shipping vessels. Adaptable for yachts, superyachts, ferries and cruise ships. 

Suggested when:
  • The covered area is frequently exposed to extremely low temperatures 
  • The floor must remain heated 
  • Ice build-up on the surface is to be avoided 
  • The surface temperature must be kept steady 
  • Direct control of thermal power is required 
  • A match between heated characteristics and decorative finishes is desired  
Technical characteristics:
  • Grid technical system for surface heating and de-icing 
  • Successfully tested in climatic chamber (thermal range between -25°C and -5°C) 
  • Direct power management 
  • Lower than average market required power 
  • Dual-mode management between de-icing and temperature keeping 
  • Excellent heat distribution over the floor surface 
  • Modular or structural floor application 
  • Excellent thermal insulation 
  • Minimal heat loss
  • Uniform distribution of the produced heat 
  • Suitable for balconies, open decks and interior areas 
  • Suitable for epoxy or polyurethane underlays

API spa - c.f./p.i. vat IT00251170106

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