Underlay | MS 070

Low specific weight underlay, based on tri-component polyurethane resins, MS 070 is the perfect underlay for Flexigel application systems: it ensures protection to the steel surfaces thanks to its flexibility and resiliency, working as an optimal underlay for decorative top coats.

Suitable for open decks and interiors decorative coverings, it need to be applied after Flexigel Primer per Metalli first layer.  

Suggested when:
  • A flexible underlays for decorative top coats is required 
  • The metallic substrate must be protected by corrosion 
  • The covering needs a waterproof underlay 
  • The floor must withstand stress ad shocks 
  • A low specific weight layer is required 
  • The underlay is required for open decks and interior areas  
Technical characteristics:
  • Flexible underlay with low specific weight 
  • Tricomponent resin layer based on polyurethane resins with inert fillers 
  • IMO-MED certified 
  • Protective waterproof layer 
  • Medium thickness 
  • Suitable for decorative top coats 
  • Highly-resistant to bendings and compressions
  • Non-flammable
  • Curing time in 24 hours (at 23°)
  • Specific weight 0.7 ± 0.05 kg/dm3
  • Long-lasting over time
  • Neutral colour 

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