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Resin floorings for hotels and residence

Choosing the best design to liven up your space can make the difference. Our resin floorings for hotels, residence and apartments are tailored to leave a permanent mark.

We work beside skilled architects and pioneered designers to ensure excellent resin creations, by efficiently organizing inspections and then creating the definitive design to proceed further with the coating.

Our technical expertise allow us to produce bright and colourful resin floorings, featured by detailed artistic shapes reproducing natural materials, such as wood or marble.

Resin floorings for hotels and residence: protective resin coverings and widely customizable designs

From decorative topcoat to epoxy-based protective coverings, from antiskid and easy-to-clean floors to loght-reflecting and soundproofing vertical walls, API resin solutions for hotels, apartments and residence grant innovative and custom-made designs, by combining exclusive artistic shapes and unique technical characteristics. We can reproduce any detail or artistic reproduction, working directly in loco thourhg accurate inspections before the application phase.

The application starts paying great attenction to the surroundings: our electrical devices doesn't produce any pollutant emission and are equipped with special tools for processing waste recovery. This minimize the exhalations, enabling the correct waste disposal and optimizing the application process.

Choose your custom-made design

You are passionate about design and want to custom your interiors? Artwalk is the decorative project custom-made for you! Acqua, Materia grezza and Cemento liquido are some of the many styling lines we have developed to reproduce elegant, bright, woody and marble-like shapes.

Artwalk styles are under a continuous evolution, with a wide colour palette ranging from snow grey to pearl beige and flexible, resilient, easy-to-adapt resin materials.

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