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Resin floorings for hospitals and health-care facilities

Hygiene guarantee is one of the key factor for any hospital or health-care facility. Our resin systems meet the hygienic committments set by lay and fulfill hospitals safety requirements with high responsiveness.

API resin floorings for hospitals and health-care facilities are easy to clean and sanitize. The hermetic sealing of the floor makes the surface totally continuous and waterproof, preventing bacteria nestings and dirt accumulation, particularly close to covings or sealed parietal corners. The flooring is characterized by antiskid properties for walkability promotion.

Epoxy resin floorings for hospitals and health-care facilities: waterproof epoxy resin coverings with high chemical and mechanical resiliency

Besides being waterproof, our resin floorings for hospital and health-care facilities are highly resistant to harmful chemical agents and mechanical stress. The epoxy composition of the system strengthens its top layer, making it untouched by any kind off deterioration. Its antistatic properties preserve the surrounding areas from electrostatic charges accumulation, especially in surgery rooms.

The inspection phases represent the essential step to design and then apply the best resin system solution. Our resin floorings for hospitals and health-care facilities are highy resilient to thermal shocks and extreme temperatures, within a spectrum ranging from -30°C to 70°C. We can accurately outline the best system depending on the working temperatures, suggesting optimal thermal capacity and low heat absorption solutions.

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