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Resin deck coverings for yachts & superyachts

Available in almost any colour or design, our resin deck coverings for yachts and superyachts give elegance and refinedness to marine luxury environments.

Thanks to their polyurethane composition, we apply decorative topcoat layers and protective undercoats to obtain flexible and resistant resin flooring systems, easy-to-clean, IMO-MED certified, with guaranteed resiliency properties. The excellent performances of our decorative resin floorings for yachts and superyachts boost the surface durability over time, therefore minimizing refitting and maintenance costs.

No other material has such a high customization degree: API can modify a wide range of diverse colours, aesthetic effects and application techniques. The result is an original deck covering, with innovative designs and high-aestetic value, tailored-made for the yacht after an accurate planning beside architects, designers and engineers.

Resin deck coverings for yachts & superyachts: decorative and protective resin floorings for perfect details

The high-quality of our finishings is ensured by the production of chemically unique materials. During the formulation phase, API creates excellent resin with outstanding performances, in the bid to always guarantee the best result in short times.

Every application cycle is purposely studied depending on the final use. The aim is to integrate each realization with the mood of the surroundings, shaping totally customizable decorative polycromatic effects based on the area of application.

Our resin deck coverings for yachts and superyachts are also available in new special versions; the perfect solution to give a unique and esclusive identity to the yacht through quality details!

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