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Marine Sector

Resin deck coverings for cruise ships and ferry boats

API works with the most prestigious shipping lines at world, including shipyards, to deliver the best resin floorings for interiors and open decks.

We shape harmonious and sophisticated resin deck coverings for cruise ships and ferry boats directly onboard, coordinating the design beside the architects and taking care firsthand of the projects, before the application starts.

We also operate on ferries, mainly cargo and Ro-Pax, a market segment we know to be increasingly interested to resin floorings systems, in order to ensure safety to its own spaces and the best experience to travellers.

Resin deck coverings for cruise ships and ferry boats: decorative and protective resin floorings for interiors and open decks

Since cruise and ferry are an innovation-centered reality, API high stantards can really make the difference.

Combining a high chemical resistance with unique decorative topcoats, our resin deck coverings for cruise ships and ferry boats are the best flooring solution to improve safety and reliability of the onboard areas for all the passengers sake.

For technical epoxy floorings, API holds specific resin systems, IMO-MED certified, available for any underlay or core substrate. Our protective epoxy resin floorings are highly effective in heavy-duty areas, in crew zones and in those internal spaces which need attractive, high-resistant, anti-corrosive, sound damping and no-slip resin coverings.

High-thickness and low specific weight coverings, decorative and protective flooring for interiors and open decks, sound damping, viscoelastic, self-leveling or water-based underlays: API offers a wide range of polyedric solutions, suitable for any requirement.

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