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Industrial Sector

Epoxy resin floorings for mechanical industry

Metal and mechanical plants need the greatest care in their workplaces. A well-suited API protective covering for mechanical industry provides health and safety for all the workers employed in the plant, also securing the production equipments and devices.

Robustness. Our resin floorings consist of high-resistant surfaces which endure structural stress optimally.

By using innovative raw materials and a wise aggregates calibration (such as pigments or other additional decorative elements), we are able to shape the floor highly tough, sturdy and resistant to bendings, compressions, wears and tears or other possible deterioration causes.

This allows the surface to withstand the continuous transit of trucks and heavy loads.

Resistance to stress and shocks. API epoxy resin floorings for mechanical industry are equipped with the right thickness, giving the floor a considerable resistance to abrasion, wear and tear.

Such properties increase on efficacy when the protective covering is enriched with high-toughness and high-performance additional charges.

The epoxy-based composition of the resins, further boosts the floor chemical resistance to oils, harmful acids or solvents, fuels and other substances, keeping solid the surface following extreme thermal shocks.

Epoxy resin floorings for mechanical industry: high resistant resin coverings with high thickness

Waterproof and oil-proof. The sealing of the surface is a needed process to avoid the absorption of oily liquids on the concrete substrate through the entire floor thickness. The absence of seams and the optimal vitrification of the topcoat layers ease the dirt and oils removal, removing any infiltration possibility.

Antiskid properties. During the design phase, it's possible to ask for a specific floor roughness degree. Depending on the industrial plant characteristics, a wise roughness degree can minimize the risk of accidents by skid, without affecting the floor cleanability.

Flatness guarantee. The surface keep its flatness over time. Thanks to a specific application technique of our self-leveling epoxy resin topcoat, we can smooth out any possible ripple existing on the underlay, keeping the surface perfectly flat and maximizing the transit efficacy of the operating vehicles.

Coloured signage. The most appreciated feature of API resin floorings is the high-customization margin during the design phases.We can plan detailed marking stripes or other pictograms, available in almost any colour. The signage thus become part of the covering, making evacuations more effective during life-threatening situations, easing the working areas identifications and reducing maintenance costs.

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  • Registered office: Milano (MI) L.go Donegani, 2 - 20121 Italy
  • HQ: Mignanego (GE), via Trieste, 13 - 16018 Italy
  • USA Sales Office:  Doral (Miami), 1794 NW 82nd Ave , FL 33126
  • Asia Sales Office: Chongchuan, Nantong Jiangsu, China | Shenshang Mansion 1121 | Nantong Econ. Dev. Zone | Changyuan Road No.80
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