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Resin floorings for parkings, garage and road surfaces

API resin coverings performances are easily suitable for cement-based substrates of vehicular transit areas. Our resin flooring solutions for parkings, garage and road surfaces meet any high stardard required, given the continuous mechanical stress such areas are required to handle.

Our technical resin systems for roads, garage and parking areas ensure a smooth and safe transit surface, with wide ranges of customization and cromatic choice. Ideal for the rigeneration of road surfaces and for the identification of stop and transit zones.

Resin floorings for parkings, garage and road surfaces: waterproof resin coverings with high mechanical resistance

Flexibility and elasticity. Our resin coverings for parkings make the surface really flexible and resilient to any mechanical stress. They consist of a low-weight system (4 kg/m2) and keep easy the maintenance operations over time, ensuring a safe pedestrian traffic and withstanding efficiently heavy-duty vehicles.

Continuity and waterproof properties. Our resin floorings for parkings, garage and road surfaces are continuous on their top layers. The sealing both of the topcoats and the underlays minimizes water and humidity filtering, especially during hard rainfalls. The surface can be customizable, so as to identify stop, transit and parking areas: ideal for the large parking squares of malls and sport facilities.

Wear and tear resistance. Once refined, the covering for the parking gains an high wear and tear resistance, reducing maintenance costs and keeping effective the road surface over time. Given its flexibility and highly elasticity, the covering bears the passage of any kind of vehicle.

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