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Epoxy resin floorins for food and beverage industry

Our epoxy resin floorings for food and beverage industry perfectly fit to great production plants, such as wineries, oil factories, dairy farms, industrial farms and food companies. This kind of facilies require utmost care to hygiene, cleaning and maintenance, especially as regards fresh food producers.

Resistance and durability. The impressive resistance of our resin floorings to high temperatures, chemical substances and any other structural stress allows the surface to withstand harmful chemical aggressions and heat-shocks, preserving the long-lasting properties of the coating over time.

Flatness and continuity. Our resin floorings are watertight and seamless. During the substrate preparation phases, any control cutting or seam is completely sealed, so as to maintain a unique continuum on the surface. Our applicators finish the work availing of rounded coving to coat accurately each parietal corner and make sure that the surface is perfectly leveled. Thus, the floor is harmonized in continuity and flatness in all its extension.

Epoxy resin floorings for food and beverage industry: certified protective resin coverings

Easy-to-clean property. Our protective resin coverings for food and beverage industry are extremely cleanable and sanitizable. The absence of seams eases an optimal disinfection, curbs the floor degradation and neutralize the growth of bacteria colonies, with due regard for current health regulations. The surface preserve is chemical resistance property to any detergent or antiseptic.

Food suitability. Once refined, the floor doesn't release any pollutant substance. Its continuity characteristic and optimal cleanability make it suited for agri-food production environments.

Safety. Watertight and antiskid properties represent two additional feature of our resin floorings. The surface continuity prevents the floor humidification, making the working areas safer for workers, especially in high water concentration zones.

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