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Epoxy resin floorings for packaging and elettronics industry

Packaging and elettronics represent two productive market segments which are particularly sensitive to electrical conduction. The excessive friction produced by packers, winding machines and other electronics machinery, combined with the continuous movements of the workers, cause electrostatic charges which need to be discarded, in order to preserve the plant safety and efficiency.

Continuity, sealing e cleanability. The absence of seams is the essential feature to keep the surface continuum. The application of covings eases the parietal corners covering, locking down any superficial joint. Thus, the floor is perfectly sealed and easy-to-clean.

Epoxy resin floorings for packaging and elettronics industry: antistatic and high-conductive resin coverings

Conductive and antistatic properties. Antistatic resin floorings for packaging and electronics industry, based on conductive and high surface resistivity resins, are the key to dissipate the electrical charges accumulation. Making hard material tests in the labs it's not enough: it strictly needed to check the plant through inspections, analysing the application areas to pick up data before planning the right resin system design.

High chemical resistance. API resin floorings for packaging and electronics industry are created to withstand harmful chemical agents (as for acid, solvents or printing inks). The covering monolitic structure keep inaltered its properties on the whole thickness, increasing its performances. The floor composition can be totally customized: our operating teams perform inspections to grant a meticulous application cycle depending on the production plant needs.

High mechanical resistance and low thickness. The epoxy nature of the covering gives an excellent floor resistance to any mechanical stress or shock, such as bendings, compressions, wears and tears. The flooring system is designed to be about 2-3 mm thick: such thickness doesn't affect the surface toughness at all, allowing it to keep high flexibility and good dissipation properties.

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