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Epoxy resin floorings for pharma-chemical industry

Epoxy resin floorings for pharma-chemical industry are designed to keep excellent antibacterial performances over time. Before the application starts, any pharma-chemical production plant need to be checked, in order to analyse what sort of chemical risks the floor is about to deal with.

Continuity. Flatness, continuity and sealing are three main features which enhance the refined surface, making the sanitization easier and neutralizing any dirt or bacteria colony growth. The absence of seams and the presence of covings on parietal corners seal both the surface and the layers underneath. Ideal for warehouses, cleanrooms and other working areas.

Antiskid properties. During the design phase, it's possible to ask for a specific floor roughness degree. Depending on the industrial plant characteristics, a wise roughness degree can minimize the risk of accidents by skid, without affecting the floor cleanability.

Epoxy resin floorings for pharma-chemical industry: high chemical resistance resin coverings with antibacterial properties

Hygiene and maintenance. Our resin coverings are designed to be antibacterial and chemically resistant to detergents or disinfectants. The applied layers are also able to withstand strong surface decontaminations, ensuring their great adaptability in pharma-chemical production plants.

High chemical resistance. The solid structure of API coating systems increases their resistance to aggressive acids, liquids or other chemical substances, on the whole floor thickness. Our resin floorings solutions for pharma-chemical industry are carefully tested in our labs to verify the toughness of each material and classify the most adaptable resin formulas, especially in chemically harmful areas.

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